The Transportation Department mission is to provide safe and reliable transportation to all eligible students so that students may arrive to school ready to learn and achieve their dreams.This is done by utilizing over 220 school buses and minivans and by making over 6500 safe and efficient bus stops every day.

Transportation Department Statistics

  • 5th largest school district in Minnesota serving over 20,000 students
  • Nearly 200 vehicles traveling over 3.3 million miles annually
  • Over 3600 individual bus stops serving 35 school sites
  • School bus is statistically the safest way for students to get to school

COVID-19 Transportation Procedures in the Hybrid Model

  • Per the Minnesota Department of Health and Education, we are only able to run our school buses at 50% capacity.  It is for this reason that only assigned riders will be allowed to ride on their designated days. Please prepare your student that they will be required to follow a district issued seating chart while riding their assigned bus. Members of the same household will be seated together.
  • Parents need to perform a self-assessment health screening of their children before sending them to school.
  • All students will be required to wear an approved face mask while boarding and riding a school bus per Executive Order 20-81 unless there is a disability, medical condition or health condition that makes it difficult.
  • Students and families should maintain a six-foot distance around all students while waiting at a bus stop. 
  • All buses will be fully sanitized with EPA approved cleaning products at the end of each a.m. and p.m. route by our bus contractors. High contact areas such as handrails and the tops of seats will be sanitized by bus drivers between runs.
  • Roof ventilation hatches and bus windows will be partially opened to provide fresh air circulation, when possible.


Mobile and web-based app on-time bus status tool




Use Bus Status to check the on-time status of your student's bus

Bus Status is a web-based service and mobile app that helps parents/guardians and students monitor the on-time status of their school bus and reduce uncertainty about arrival times, particularly during winter weather. All students should always arrive five minutes prior to their scheduled bus stop and remain five minutes beyond their scheduled time. Learn more about Bus Status. Download for: iOS Device | Android Device - Select Allow Notifications to receive updates, Choose district:Osseo Area Schools. Press the Star to choose the bus notifications you would like to receive.

Online school locator and attendance area maps

Looking for a school assignment or boundary map? Use our school locator to see which schools serve a specific address; learn if the address is eligible for transportation; and view attendance boundaries. Download printable boundary maps at right.

Eligibility for Transportation

  • Elementary students who live 0.8 mile or more from school are eligible for transportation 
  • Secondary students who live 1.0 mile or more from school are eligible for transportation 
  • Please refer to district policy 707 and its appendixes for additional details

Distance from a home/daycare to a bus stop

  • Elementary bus stops up to .25 miles or 1320 feet 
  • Secondary bus stops up to .50 miles or 2640 feet
  • Average bus stop is .20 miles or 880 feet for most students eligible to ride a bus
  • Unique street design characteristics may require deviation for the standards noted above
  • Please refer to district policy 707 and its appendices for additional details regarding bus stop designations
  • Bus Stop Change Request Online Form

 School Bus Safety Videos PreK-12

If you cannot find your answer on the FAQ page, please send an email to or call the Osseo Transportation Department at (763) 391-7244.