In Osseo Area Schools, we love kids and we believe every child can learn. Our Student Services professionals come to work every day committed to helping all students achieve through high quality instruction and support for those who are struggling with life issues. Our staff will listen, guide, teach and support students so that they can have successful outcomes in school and in life.

Our staff is experienced in working with a wide range of student needs and connecting students and families with district or community resources so that they get the help they need. Some students will receive direct service, such as through special education. Some students may need to be connected to community resources, such as assistance for those experiencing homelessness. Others may need support to manage physical or mental health issues that could interfere with succeeding in school.

Everything we do has students and learning at the center.

Services include a program for English Learners, guidance and counseling, health services, homebound instruction, homeless student services, homeschool, Section 504 and Title I services, and transcript requests.