The ACHIEVE program serves students on Individual Education Plans (IEP's) from grade 6 through 12 who have emotional and behavioral challenges. Students are provided with individualized instruction to meet individual education plans, academic stands, and graduation plans, academic standards, and graduation requirement in a small school setting.

Staff at ACHIEVE believe that students can establish positive patterns of behavior and decision making. The ACHIEVE program provides opportunities for social and emotional development through a repeated emphasis on successes and strengths; encourage and nurture positive interactions between staff/students and students/students; facilitate the development of coping strategies and management techniques to facilitate integration into the mainstream of education and life; encourage and develop a motivation to learn; facilitate language and communication development.

The ACHIEVE Program is a highly structured setting involving the following:

  • Restorative Practices
  • Judicious Discipline philosophy and language
  • Positive reinforcement system through effective praise
  • Behavior interventions
  • Low staff-student ratio
  • Frequent school/home communication
  • Related Special Education services
  • High behavioral standards/expectations
  • High academic expectations/support
  • Mainstream and modified curriculum
  • Teaching coping strategies; behavior techniques to facilitate individual student responsibility
  • Community building
  • Safe Haven
  • Promoting independence
  • Social Skills
  • Transitional skills
  • Vocation skills
  • Data collection
  • Conflict resolution
  • Trained staff to deal with potential/actual crisis


Mary Kling
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Osseo, MN 55369