The Student Stakeholder Survey is administered in Osseo Area Schools each year from November to March in grades K-12. Each student may respond to one full Stakeholder Survey specific to their grade range. The survey serves the following purposes:

  1. Collecting feedback from students on their engagement in class.
  2. Providing teachers with student feedback for reflection on their classroom instruction and student engagement strategies.
  3. Providing leaders with student feedback to learn about strengths and opportunities for school and district improvement.
  4. Meeting state requirements for Principal and Teacher Development and Evaluation.

Student Stakeholder Survey results have been encouraging so far.  Over the first six years, student perceptions have improved in five of the six areas the district measures as part of its continuous improvement work: Achieving Dreams, Contributing to Community, Lifelong Learning, Welcome, Respect and Trust.

The survey is voluntary for students.  Student survey responses are kept confidential. After students log in to the survey system using their regular username and password, all of the questions are optional. Teachers and other school staff only see summary information for groups of at least five students. Only specific staff in the Department of Learning and Achievement has access to individual student responses.

You may choose to have your son or daughter not participate in the survey by completing and returning this online opt-out form by October 31, 2019. If you have questions about the survey or would like to see all of the questions and scales on the survey, please contact the Department of Learning and Achievement at or at 763-391-7147.


Tammy Djerf
Coordinator - Testing, Assessment & Accountability

Jenna Johnshoy-Aarestad
Coordinator - Data & Assessment

Tom Watkins
Coordinator - Data & Assessment