Graduation Requirements

AP, HP, and IB courses are available in several content areas at various grade levels.  Please see the registration handbook for specific details.
To graduate from ISD 279-Osseo Area Schools, students must satisfy the following minimum credit requirements earned in grades 9-12:

12 credits in English
10 credits in Social Studies
9 credits in Science
9 credits in Math
3 credits in the Arts
1 credit in Life Fitness
1 credit in Health
19 credits in Electives
64 credits total

Within each subject area, specific classes may be required. For example, in science, all students must take biology. See your high school course registration handbook or your guidance counseling office for specific course requirements.

Maple Grove Senior High Registration Guide

Osseo Senior High Registration Guide

Park Center High School Registration Guide

Post Secondary Enrollment Options (PSEO) also exist for students in grades 10-12.