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Beginning in January 2020 and continuing through the calendar year, Osseo Area Schools will create a new strategic plan to guide future district and school-level work.

The school board in fall of 2019 selected consulting firm TeamWorks International to facilitate the development of the strategic plan based on the group’s “Classroom to Boardroom Strategic Planning Process,” its commitment and depth of experience in stakeholder engagement, and its expertise in helping leaders and organizations prepare for and implement change.

Here’s how the process will unfold over the next year:

January-February 2020

  • Focus groups of students, staff and families will provide input regarding their desired future experiences in Osseo Area Schools.

March-May 2020

  • Development of draft document that describes the desired daily experiences for students, families, and staff.
  • Draft document will be shared widely (and in multiple languages) to solicit community feedback.

May-June 2020

  • Development of draft mission, vision, values and strategic directions.

Late summer/early fall 2020

  • Community feedback on draft mission, vision, values and strategic directions.

Fall 2020

  • Board adoption of new strategic plan

In addition to the steps above, TeamWorks will work over the next year with the school board and/or district and school leaders on change readiness, partnership leadership, identification of key formative events in the district’s history, an environmental scan, management/governance roles, development of a district classroom theory of action and a three-year operational plan for staff to support the new strategic plan, school and department improvement plans, and a three-year school board work agenda to support the new strategic plan.