Carver Wessel

Through a District 279 Foundation grant, Park Center Senior High teacher Wendy Wessel invited See More Perspective, a local artist and poet from TruArt Speaks, to speak to her classes. See More taught more than 60 Park Center Senior High students about how to use figurative language to create an “ode” poem. Through that poem, students had the opportunity to share their unique perspectives and feelings. The ode poem is designed to be a passionate, emotional poem spoken directly to a person, place or thing.

By learning from a professional spoken word artist, students had the opportunity to hone in on their crafts of rapping, writing poetry and presenting their artwork to others. Students practiced their poetry and presented a poem to their class in a Spoken Word Open Mic event on May 29.

One student read a line from his ode to basketball. Music and its transformative healing powers was the focus of another student’s ode. Another student stood in front of the class to read a few lines from her ode to her grandfather who she said knows her better than anyone else.

See More’s message to the students was to keep writing and share their voice with others. By writing unique metaphors and similes, writers can make powerful connections and help people see the world in a new way.

Photo: With a big smile on her face, Janae Carver shared her ode to the subject of her poem, her favorite teacher, Wendy Wessel.