Bus Status is a web-based service and mobile app that allows you to view the status of your student’s bus. You can access Bus Status information from:

  • The school district website;
  • Each school’s website; or
  • A free app available for Apple and Android mobile devices.

Bus Status is a tool for informing families and students about bus delays of 10 minutes or more. Bus Status does not offer real-time GPS bus route monitoring. Be sure to refresh the page on a regular basis in order to see the most up-to-date information.

Frequently Asked Questions about Bus Status

Please note that even when buses are delayed, students are still responsible for being at the bus stop in order to be transported to school. 

When school is cancelled due to weather, Bus Status will show that buses are cancelled, too.

BusAppIcon Recommended browsers are Google Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.
Some versions of Internet Explorer may not be compatible.

Using the web-based Bus Status service   

Find the Bus Status module on the district homepage or your school’s home page. The district site will show all buses and you can filter by school or by bus number to see the status of your student’s bus. On individual school websites, the module will show only the buses assigned to that school.

Bus Status

Using the mobile app   

1 Download your mobile app of choice at right or directly from a Bus Status page.
Hint: Search for "Bus Status" in the app stores. 
Apple users: At this time, the Apple version of the app is designed specifically for use on iPhones, so users will find the app in the iPhone only section of the AppStore. The app will work on iPads, but it will be formatted for the iPhone.  AppleStore
Android users: Download the app from Google play; the app will be formatted for all Android devices. GoogleStore
2 Open the Bus Status app. Add Osseo Area Schools as your district. phone1
3 Find your route and double-click on your student’s bus and school abbreviation phone2
4 Save that bus as a “Favorite.” You’ll then see your student(s) buses in your Favorite status within the app   phone3   phone4

Here’s how it looks when two buses are delayed. On-time buses appear in green; late buses appear in yellow. For more detail, double-click on the yellow bar to find comments about the delay.

Be sure to refresh the page on a regular basis in order to see the most up-to-date information.

  phone5   phone6

Important note: The school district manages the information contained in the app/web-based service but cannot provide technical support for the app/web-based service itself. If you have a question about the information you see in Bus Status, please contact our Transportation Department at 763.391.7244. If you have issues that require tech support for your device (desktop or mobile), please consult the tech support unit for your specific device.